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Sliding Roof and Skylight.

The Sliding Roof is a brand new product Dial has reciently developed to offer our clients a comprehensive and detailed service.

This aluminium roof, also available as skylight, is very easy to handle in both of its versions: manual or motorized control. All necessary accesories for the assembly and also for rainwater drain, are included.

The installation is really simple, even more if the roof is ordered cut-to-size. The design consists of two, three or four opening lines. The sliding panes can be requested in various materials: 16 mm polycarbonate, 16 mm sandwich panel or 3+3, 4+4 or 5+5 mm glass panes. The aluminium finishing coat is also at your choice among several colours for both anodized and lacquered profiles.

Every possible combination of the Sliding Roof share the same profiles. Thanks to that, panes can be replaced or the roof transformed from manual to motorized control, while the aluminium structure remains still. This characteristic makes very easy to modify the atmoshere under your Sliding Roof with little investment.

This roof is a tough, inexpensive and safe product wich perfectly combines with other carpentry systems such as folding doors, sliding glass system or glass curtains. Designed to cover external spaces, this product will enhance the experience of being outdoors. No matter the weather, the roof provides protection while you enjoy the open-air.

Once installed the maintenance is very simple, fue to the long-lasting and strong materials it is made of. Regular cleaning and a detailed check from time to time is all it takes to keep your Fixed Roof in perfect shape.

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  • Several colours and finishing coats are at the customer's choice.
  • Same profiles for all possible combinations.
  • Two, three or four opening lines; manual or motorized.
  • Ironwork designed for the product.
  • All necessary accesories included.
  • Available matching colour for ironwork.
  • Panes availables: 16 mm polycarbonate, 16 mm sandwich panel, 3+3, 4+4 or 5+5 glass panes.

Opening types

  • 2 opening lines, manual control.

  • 3 opening lines, manual control.

  • 3 opening lines, motorized control.

  • 4 opening lines, manual control.

  • 4 opening lines, motorized control.