Solar and photovoltaic pannel supporting structure: ground system.

We are a company specialised in the production and assemly of aluminium profile structures and the necessary accesories for its proper positioning on the ground, with or without foundations, or on the roof, both on flat or sloping roof.

Being manufacturer allow us to respond to the client needs in ay kind of project. We offer comprehensive counselling and technical support throughout all the stages of the work.

This system consists of a triangular floor-mounted structure wich supports a series of guide rail where the solar or photovoltaic pannels are fastened.

The aluminium structure for solar or photovoltaic pannels has many advantages:

An aluminium profile is three times lighter than the same profile made of steel. For this reason it's easyer and cheaper to transport and manage. Fuerthermore, the bearing structure (building, underground parking...) will be less loaded.

The aluminium is nearly 100% recyclable wich saves energy and row material from the environment. It requires almost no maintenance and it's very corrosion resistent.

Contact us to solve any doubt about your project. We will be glad to help you out.


  • Extruded aluminium profiles.

  • Stainless steel accesories and screws.

  • To be installed on ground, with or without foundations.

  • Counselling and technical support.

  • Light and resistent structure

  • 95% recyclable.

Opening types

Fixed product.



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